Diego Dalla Palma Chubby Lip & Cheek.

IMG_6133While browsing in Marks and Sparks last week, I came across a couple of this brands items on sale. I have never tried anything from Diego Dalla Palma before, so I decided on this lip crayon which cost €8.

This is a multifunctional product for the lips and cheeks. I picked up the shade 98 (red geranium) which is pinky red colour. On lips, it leaves a nice comfortable sheen and it’s well pigmented. I’m not a fan of it on the cheeks, as it sits in pores as you can see in the photo. It just doesn’t work as a blush colour for me either. The boyfriend said I looked ‘crazy’. I looked like I was going through a permanent hot flush.  My skin is too pink for this shade.


PicMonkey Collage

Packaging is pretty good with this product, the base rotates so you no need for sharpeners. The crayon is sleek and comes with a clear plastic cap. At €8, I like the product on my lips but I won’t be picking up any of other range at the regular price of €14. Have you tried any products from Diego Dalla Palma?


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