Deodorant Wars.

IMG_6163I’ve built up quite the deodorant collection in the past couple of months. I’m constantly on the search for the ultimate anti-perspirant that will protect from sweat but also be kind and natural to my armpits. So here are five that I’m currently using!

I picked up the Dove GoFresh compressed can about a week ago. I don’t normally use spray deodorants but I wanted this one for travelling.  It promises 48 hour protection and is formulated with vitamin e and 1/4 moisturising cream. I really like this, it contains no alcohol and it’s a handy size. Dr.Organic’s lavender deodorant is a liquid roll on deodorant full of natural ingredients. There are no parabens, SLS, aluminium, or alcohol. While the fragrance is soothing, I find the deodorant too wet to put on clothes straight away. The lavender fragrance does not complement the smell of sweat at all. I might try some other fragrances from the range to see if they are better.

Ribbet collage

The Clarins deodorant is made with robina, bisabolol, sarsparilla and loads of essential oils. I use this more as a perfume rather than deodorant as it stings the armpits like hell when you shave. It doesn’t have a great lasting fragrance so Clarins you can get rid of that ‘long-lasting’ claim. I do love the smell though, it’s soothing, calm and complements the rest of the Eau Resscourcante range. I randomly picked up the Bionsen stick deodorant because I saw that it had no aluminium. But being the eejit I am, I never looked to see if there was alcohol until I shaved my pits. One word: OOOWW! I love the smell of this though, it’s refreshing. But Bionsen ease up on the alcohol please, ok?? Finally, the Mitchum Advanced Control is probably the best out of the bunch. I’d advise picking up the powder fresh smell because I actually found it better than the unperfumed. Sadly, this deodorant has aluminium and alcohol in there which is something I’m really trying to move on from.

So that’s my current deodorant collection. Do you have any of the above deodorants. What are your favourite natural anti-perspirants?


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