New Shoes: Mel Strawberry Flats.

melNothing makes me more happy than a new pair of shoes. You all know what I mean.  I find it incredibly hard to buy flats. They never fit both my feet perfectly thanks to one foot being bigger. They often cut my pinky toe or blister my heels.  Moreover, I don’t really wear flats because they don’t offer enough support. So then, why did I end up buying these plastic flats?mel2

These Mel flats are so comfortable. And this is a first for me. I didn’t think the melflex plastic would work but while they may look hard, in reality there are a glove for the foot. They are super flexible for the foot. I love the patent gloss look and the oversized bow on the toe. They fit my narrow foot well and work well with my wardrobe. The shoes ( and all Mel/Melissa footwear) have this lovely sweet smell. You need to sniff them in store to see what I mean! I picked up my MEL shoes in Debenhams.

Have you tried any Mel or Melissa shoes? Are you rocking the jelly shoes trend or is it not for you?


3 thoughts on “New Shoes: Mel Strawberry Flats.

  1. These look great but more importantly, they look like they will never ruin?! I am in desperate need for black flats and if these are sturdy then I may give them a go!

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