September Beauty Blog Challenge. A late Entry!

Ribbet collage

I’m a late entry into Girl Friday’s September Beauty Blog Challenge. I literally decided a few hours ago to try my best and commit to doing one post per day for one month. Now, I’m not promising I’ll be able to do one every day but hell….I’m going to give it a go because I actually really love the topics that Girl Friday has come up with.

I suppose the reasons behind doing this are for the purpose of improving my blog in terms of stats, content and consistency but mostly it’s because Girl Friday has spoken of the lovely friendships, comments and comradery attained along the way! And who doesn’t want that in an ever-increasing beauty blogging world.

I do love writing and creating blog posts but often it can be a struggle – time, content and quality are all issues I face and I hope that in doing this #SBBC ( check the hashtag out on twitter!) I can overcome these points! So here goes everyone, I’m off to try to prep some more posts for the month (while watching The Parent Trap in the background, it’s soooo distracting) Before I go, a HUGE thanks to Girl Friday and a huge hello to all participating in the #SBBC!


7 thoughts on “September Beauty Blog Challenge. A late Entry!

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