#SBBC Day Three: A Sentimental Item.

It’s day three of #SBBC everyone! So far so good for me. I’m looking forward to reading all your topics today. I’ve decided to look at the sentimental item topic.


The sentimental item is my tattoo. I got this tattoo about 5 years ago here in Dublin. My grandmother passed away in the autumn of 2008 and I faced my first ever real loss. It was strange, it was heartbreaking and it was unknown territory. Lily had lived with our family since day one and she was an integral part of my life right up until her death.


You know when people talk about that one person who shaped them or made a huge impact on their life? That was her. She was really an inspiration. I spent every day with her and she taught me so much. I’d be here all day if I were to start talking about her long life (she died aged 94) but I’m just so grateful we all had her for so long. And so I decided that I wanted to keep her close to me always and forever. That sparked the Lily tattoo on my left upper arm-close to my heart. I have to say there is not one day that goes by that I don’t look at it and automatically think of her. Even five years later I find it very hard to speak of those last few days with her but I remember all the great times with her. That’s the most important thing-the good memories.

The tattoo is a constant reminder of her life lived and it’s incredibly touching to me. So that’s my sentimental item. I have to say it’s halarious when people automatically think that you have your own name tattooed onto your arm. I always laugh when people say that and it makes me feel like I’m the Leonard in Memento.

Have you any tattoos? What’s your one sentimental item in your life?


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