#SBBC Day Four: Favourite Handcream.

clarinsThere was only ever going to be one for this handcream post or as Clarins call it a ‘hand and nail treatment’. La-di-da! I’ve gone through tubes of this stuff and I still love the stuff. I featured it a while back in my top Essential Clarins Products post but I felt it needed another glowing review.

clarins1This handcream aims to moisturise, revitalise and soften the hands. Not only that it strengthens nails and protects against external aggressions like the cold, hard water, cleaning products etc. It’s no miracle worker and if you need something more hardcore then I would recommend Neutrogena for really dry cracked hands. The smell from this….it’s just divine. It’s luxurious and fruity without being too over powering. This just smells very grown up and lady-like!

It absorbs quickly to leave the hands soft and smooth. There is no leftover residue. Hands feel like pure silk after using this baby. Ingredients include shea butter, aloe, coconut, myrrh extract and seasame oil all help to achieve that. At €20, it’s expensive considering you can get something more hardworking like Neutrogena for around €5. I do like to save up for this though, as my hands are in good nick at the minute this really helps maintain them!

Have you tried Clarins handcream? What’s your favourites?

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