#SBBC Day Six: Staple Beauty Items

xxI’m so mad at myself and I apologize but I missed yesterday’s #SBBC post due to starting a temporary job and it being a very last-minute thing. I’m currently busing it up and down the country so access to computers and cameras and pretty things is quite limited at the minute (hence the collage) However, I’ll hopefully get back up and running for next week. So let’s get going on this post. I’ve just featured four of my top products as these are the items I repurchase all the time!

First up is Paese One Touch nail polish remover (€3.50) I love love love this stuff purely because it’s so easy to use. The pump-action is frankly genius and I don’t know why all polish brands don’t have this option. There is no spillage, no waste and the remover itself is deadly at removing all polishes (bar glitter). The second are face cloths. Morning and night I use face cloths. I don’t like to use products all the time on my face, especially if I haven’t worn make-up and I find a simple face cloth and warm water do the job perfectly. I particularly love this brand from Merumaya (€15.50) as they are light and non-abrasive on the face.

Next up is the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (€12.50) I know some bloggers have mixed feelings about this balm but I love it for deep over-night conditioning of the lips. It has quite a heavy texture but it’s super nourishing thanks to the additions of shea butter and acaia honey. Finally I picked none other than good ole baby powder (any brand really) I may be a nut for using this but If I’m being honest it’s my ultimate product for after the shower. I like to apply this on my bee-hind as it’s super absorbent and helps quicken the drying process. Please don’t judge me ok?!!! Moreover, I find it great if my feet need a little de-sweating and it stops that god-awful feeling of bare feet marking that sticky noise on floors. I know, I’m even more bizarre now.

But anyways, those are probably my top four staple items. Are you a fan of any of the above? Don’t forget to link your blog post on this topic below if you like!!


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