#SBBC Day Seven: Travel Dreams

Hello all, for the weekend I thought I’d feature a different post for #sbbc and this time it’s my travel dreams! I guess there are like two top places I would love to go to in my lifetime. Those two places are Iceland and New Zealand.


I think these photos pretty much sum up the pure beauty of the place. God only knows why I want to go to somewhere that is bloody freezing but the hot lagoons are definitely a selling-point as well as the amazing glaciers, mountains and scenic views. Rumour has it that the place is expensive to travel to and stay in but perhaps you guys can fill me in on that?!


The other place is New Zealand. Fresh in my mind are the stunning, breath-taking views that featured in Jane Campions’s Top of the Lake. The dare-devil in me is only dying to try to do a bungee jump. The one pictured above is situated in Queenstown. I’d also love to visit the eggy smelling town of Rotorua where there is a big adventure place and amazing lava that has reached the surface. I know there is much more in New Zealand but I suppose these places are a start for me!

Have you ever visited any of these places? Would you like to travel to them?


12 thoughts on “#SBBC Day Seven: Travel Dreams

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