#SBBC Day Nine: NIMA Brush Collection.

nima5Hey all, I thought I’d do a different #SBBC post today and focus on my new brush collection. I’m pretty settled with my Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes which I featured a while ago on the blog. I find they are such great quality. However, I decided to splash out on a NIMA brush set when I found them online with Groupon for half price. NIMA is an Irish cosmetic brush company created by Niamh Martin. The set I got was the Sunshine 7 piece brush set.


The brushes come in a nice yellow cylinder for storing. I do like the cylinder but for traveling it’s just a little too bulky. I don’t really use the lid either, I mostly store mine open. I don’t know if that’s the hygienic thing to do or not but anyways!  Now, onto the brushes and as I said there is 7 in total which I will run through.


The two largest in the set are the large powder brush and the dome brush. The large powder is suited for bronzer and powder products while the dome brush helps apply highlighter or blush. These two are growing on me, I didn’t like them at first as the fibres were too harsh but after a couple of washes they have softened well. The Duo Fibre Foundation brush is the star of the show. With a blend of natural and synthetic fibres, it’s perfect for powder, liquid or cream products. Very little foundation is needed with this brush as it blends the product so well.


The smaller brushes include a concealer (brown colour) which is incredibly soft and perfect for concealing small marks/spots and under the eyes. The small angle brush works great for eyeliner and filling in eyebrows because it’s so thin and compact. The white pencil brush is great for smokey eyes and highlighting the corner of eyes. Finally, the crease blender brush is probably my least favourite, only because I don’t really use it enough.

nima4What’s your favourite brush or do you have a few? Have you tried anything from NIMA?


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