#SBBC Day Ten: Beauty Pet Peeves

Ribbet collageWe all have some beauty pet peeves or hates. I actually found it hard to think of some at the start but once I began to write my pet peeves down a good few flooded to my mind. Apart from the obvious colour mis-match in relation to foundation, I have a few other pet peeves to discuss with you all.

Number one is smudged nails or just waiting for nails to dry in general. I hate it and it’s one of the main reasons I rarely paint my nails. I feel like I always have to prep the nails hours in advance of going out and sometimes I just don’t want to. In saying this though, nail products are becoming better and quicker at drying. Regardless I always seem to chip it or put a big ‘ole dent in the nail bed minutes after applying. Breaking nails is another pet peeve. Just when my nails start looking pretty, I always seem to crack or split the nail. I just cannot deal.

In a hair related matter, I absolutely HATE when my hair behaves beautifully on a day when I don’t need it to. It always happens  when I go to sleep with my hair wet and wake up with beautiful curls. Then when I go to repeat the process for work the next day and I wake up with frizzy, out-of-control hair instead. Or you know when you get your hair to ‘sit’ nicely but then fail to recreate the look again? Grrrr.


I was mad into grooming my eyebrows there for a while but stopped two months ago as I’m loving the more bushy, natural eyebrow. But those people who overpluck the eyebrows and THEN paint them in? Oh stop. Please. I don’t understand. Now don’t get me wrong I always fill in my eyebrows so they look fuller but painted on eyebrows or huge caterpillars? I am not a fan at all. Maybe one should try the no-eyebrow look!!

Another pet peeve is those people who put on make-up when working out. Do not get it, does not seem like it would be hygenic. I understand the reasons why women may feel it necessary (confidence, mixed-sex gyms, skin issues like redness) but that does not mean I like it. I have witnessed it first hand in Trinity’s lovely changing room (not generalising by the way, not all people do it) and to be honest it completely turned me off going there.

So they are just a few of my pet peeves, I’m going to stop before I go on any further. But please let me know what your pet peeves are? Do you agree/disagree with those above?

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