#SBBC Day Eleven: My Blog Name

The story behind my blog name is a weird one. It all started when I watched a sketch featuring Ross Noble. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s a comedian from Newcastle. I just love him. I find him so funny. He’s finds humour in the most mundane topics but I guess that’s what comedians do best. He’s ace at improvisation and is best enjoyed live.

I took my blog name from this clip where he talks about finding human faces in muffins. When I first watched it I was like what?! I mean he takes the joke beyond joke-lines and makes it even funnier. I cannot deal with it!  Evolving from this video came the name for my blog. One day I was bored and all I kept thinking was ‘too many muffins, that has a ring to it’. Now fair enough it sounds like it should be a bloody food blog but there is no going back now!

You can follow him on twitter for some gas tweets! Did you put a lot of thought into your blog name? Do you think blog names matter?


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