#SBBC Day Fifteen: Favourite MakeUp Removers

Today for #SBBC I’m gonna feature three make-up removers that I have been using lately and absolutely loving. I meant to do this post way back on day five but didn’t have any photos of the products! I don’t normally run through make-up removers very quickly because I don’t generally wear slap every day. However, if it’s a full face of make-up or just a basic face I always make sure to remove all traces before sleeping.


First up is the Dermalogica Precleanse. I love this stuff for dissolving down makeup – be it mascara, eyeshadow, lippie or foundation. This stuff cuts through all makeup and once water is added to the oil-based emulsifier, it penetrates even further. As part of the double-cleanse routine, it preps the skin for your normal cleanser. I’ve been using this small sample bottle for months now so it’s long-lasting!

Next up is the Bioderma Crealine H2O Miceller Solution. This stuff is pretty phenomenal and all those rave reviews are to be believed. I don’t think I’ve tried anything like this EVER. It’s an ultra mild, alcohol-free cleanser that uses micelles to emulsify impurities and remove all traces of make-up. The great thing is it doesn’t sting your eyes. If you head to France anytime soon stock up big time. Otherwise you can try buy it online on ebayAmazon or Escentual.

The final make up remover I use is B. Pure Micellar Water. Similar to Bioderma, it’s a miceller water that is suited for all skin types. It’s pretty good at removing most make-up, but where it fails is in it’s ability to remove eye makeup. I prefer the Bioderma for this reason and because it leaves less of a residue. B Pure stings the eyes too if it gets in, so Bioderma wins on that front too. However, both Bioderma and B Pure are cruelty-free, that’s always great to hear.

So there are my picks for makeup removers. The winner for me is the Bioderma hands down as its affordable (around €14 I think?/250ml) and long lasting. The B Pure is a nice cheap option (£4.99/150ml) while the Dermalogica (€33.99/150ml) is a more luxurious option.

What do you use to remove makeup? Have you tried any of the above?


9 thoughts on “#SBBC Day Fifteen: Favourite MakeUp Removers

  1. I’ve used the Vichy miceller water and loved it, especially as it doesn’t irritate my eyes but still removes mascara, but I’m curious to see how I’d get on with Bioderma.

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