#SBBC Day Eighteen: Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing.

zztI’ve spoken before about how tough it can be to maintain consistency when blogging. While blogging is a hobby and a passion for me, life can get in the way and take over. Then, all of a sudden my motivation for blogging is diminished. Personally, I need to be constantly drafting posts or writing in order to keep the creative juices flowing. If I stop for a couple of days, I notice my blogging lingo turns crap and I find preparing content a chore. Blogging should not be a chore. I firmly believe that.

So when I was thinking about this #sbbc topic I thought to maybe give a couple of pointers as to what I find useful when blogging.

1. Get yourself a blogging space. Having a place designated for pure blogging is a plus. It’s not always practical and possible but I notice that my blogging improves when I have my space set up and prepared for blog work. But I don’t always have a nice area to blog in as I share my blogging space. More than often I end up sitting on my bed surrounded by products, books, camera leads and wires. I’d totally recommend taking a trip to IKEA and buying this desk and chair, all for €60. It works great in small spaces and the drawer underneath is perfect for storage.

2. Join Bloglovin. Follow as MANY bloggers as you can, far and wide. It can be hard to keep up with all the blogs nowadays so Bloglovin is a great way to keep you inspired. It can spark off your imagination and really help you develop your writing skills if you look at other people’s posts.

3. Write about what interests you. More than often those posts that you think will never work, do! Keep your blog posts relevant to your own interests and don’t blog about something if you really don’t want to. You don’t have to follow blogging trends on the latest products e.g. Remember those Rimmel Apocolips everywhere on the blogosphere? Your viewers will notice your lack of enthusiasm in your writing if you aren’t genuinely interested in it. One of my favourite bloggers Your Beauty keeps her content fresh and genuinely interesting. You can simply tell from her writing that she loves what she is doing.

4. A little nod for Pinterest. I don’t really tend to go to Pinterest that often now, but If my mind is really blank or lacking in imagination I often take a peek at Pinterest to reignite it. It’s paticulary good for those who do DIY or fashion posts as you can save images onto the site and re-use them at a later date for your blog.

5. No to Burnout. Don’t try to do too much all at once. If you can’t post everyday then don’t. We all have ordinary lives outside of all this. Some of us work long hours, have to commute or have families. If you rush content then you will be more likely to have mistakes in posts. I am totally guilty of rushing content and then I always spend more time fixing it all up!

6. Don’t let it control you. This final point I think is important in case you get bogged down in the numbers of views and followers. While it is incredibly uplifting and heartwarming when you gain followers, don’t be disappointed if it takes a long long time. I’m at this a while and still only have a small following (love you all!). Don’t be staring at those stats everyday or nit-picking at those who unfollow you on twitter. If you get too involved it will consume you. Take a step back!

So there are a few tips for keeping the boat afloat as they say when blogging. Have you any tips for keeping motivated and inspired? Share them below!


10 thoughts on “#SBBC Day Eighteen: Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing.

  1. I actually don’t like to buy a lot of products that are on the blogging trend. It always seems a bit pointless to me to rewrite what about a hundred other bloggers have already said unless I have something new to contribute to the fray.

  2. These are all my top tips too – the blogging space is key. I always leave products around the house to photograph and end up not being able to find them/feeling disorganised. I’ve sorted my collection now and it’s so easy to grab what I want and go.

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