#SBBC Day Twenty One: Make Up Storage

IMG_6452 There really are some wonderful and pretty make up storage solutions out there at the minute, Muji probably being the most popular one for beauty bloggers. I don’t have anything too major or fancy for that matter as I’m constantly travelling. Moreover, I house share so I can’t have my shit everywhere in the bathroom. Personally, there is nothing worse than a cluttered bathroom or bedroom. Anyway, I said it’s no harm showing you all my cheap and cheerful storage solutions for makeup.IMG_6455

As the top photo shows I have very minimal products. Anything that I’m not using goes into the orange Sanctuary storage box you see below. It’s a nice roomy box I got two Christmass’ ago when it was packed full of Sanctuary goodies. I recycled it and now use it as storage for extras, samples etc.  For my main makeup and nail care I use two plastic baskets that I got in the 2 Euro shop for you guessed it €2! That is a feckin’ bargain in my eyes and they are really durable!


For larger lip products like lip pencils, chubby sticks and glosses I use plastic drawers (pic above) that cost the grand total of €1.50. They are a bit awkward to open and close but you know…€1.50!!! I store my lipsticks in a pretty Sanctuary box that I actually got a candle in! I can only fit a certain amount in there at a time so If I have extra I pop them into the drawers.

IMG_6459So that’s it folks, my storage is pretty plain and simple. It’s not the prettiest storage solution in the world but it suits me just fine. I’m just not one to spend a lot of money on storage when I’m only renting and constantly on the move.

How do you store your makeup? Do you use any of the above or do you prefer a nicer storage solution?


6 thoughts on “#SBBC Day Twenty One: Make Up Storage

  1. Your makeup looks so organized right now! I don’t really have any organizers at the moment in my student accommodation so, everything is just strewn about everywhere. Not good. The clean freak in me is crying.

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