#SBBC Day Twenty Three: Let’s Talk about Perfumes.


Writing about perfumes/fragrances can be a tricky one. Trying to describe a smell by way of writing can be a plain nuisance. If I am attracted to the smell of a perfume, I like it and I buy it. Sin é. However, when I read perfume reviews I always wish there was a little button you could press and a spray of perfume would emit from the screen on the laptop. So as part of #SBBC I thought I would use written word to describe some of my favourite perfumes. Off we go…..

Dior Hypnotic Poison is my all time favourite perfume. I love this perfume, when I wear it I feel so luxurious and posh. Dior describes it as hypnotizing and mysterious and I completely agree. It just has a very special aura about it. It’s incredibly strong and powerful  with notes of vanilla, jasmine, musk and almond included. I think with Dior Hypnotic Poison you either love it or hate it because it’s so powerful. Love, Chloé is my second favourite. It’s a lighter more feminine choice than Dior. If I want a softer fragrance, I pick Love, Chloé as it’s more delicate and floaty. More of an old-fashioned scent, it may not be every young woman’s choice. It has notes of orange blossom, lilac, iris and powdery musk that contribute to this mature smell. This may sound completely bizarre but for me it’s a perfume that tells the world ‘you care and you are listening’.


As for these two perfumes, they evoke great memories for me. The Britney Curious perfume is one that takes me back to teenage years (it was launched in 2004) when everyone had this perfume. The bottle was different, the pump was posh looking and it was relatively cheap. You know what, it wasn’t half bad either! It’s actually one of the few celebrity perfumes I still like to this day. It’s a floral, light fragrance with notes of magnolia and vanilla. I never repurchased this perfume and I probably won’t ever. It just was a special perfume for a particular time in my life. I kinda want to keep it that way. Insolence by Guerlain is another beautiful and special fragrance.  I first smelled it when my aunt was wearing it. I was just mesmerised and as I didn’t know the brand I searched high and low in department stores sniffing perfumes, until one day I finally found it. I didn’t buy it but I carefully jotted it down on my christmas wishlist. On December 25th, Santa brought it to me. It’s a show-stopper of a perfume. It has a seriously high dosage of violet, alongside iris and berries in it’s composition. To me, the perfume is full of feeling and emotion. Ahh, I can almost smell it right now. I haven’t repurchased this one since I had it two years ago but every so often I return to department stores to smell it and fall in love all over again.

Do perfumes bring up special memories for you? Have you perfumes that you repurchase all the time or do you choose different ones? To the comments!!


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