L’oreal Mousse Absolue: The First Re-Usable Hair Colour


Y’all know by now that I dye my hair thanks to the plague of grey hairs I have infesting my once lovely brown locks. I picked up L’oreal latest invention in the form of Mousse Absolue which is the world’s first re-usable ready-to-use permanent hair colour. With a non-drip mousse formula, I must admit that I was incredibly skeptical about how a can formula would perform seeing as you usually need to mix the ingredients and use it straight away. Anyways, it was on offer for €11.99 so off I went with it in my basket. IMG_6449

The claim that it’s re-suable is well….questionable. Depending on your hair length you might be lucky to get two full applications ( I’m looking at all your pixie hair-cuts!). In reality you will get one full application and perhaps a root touch up if you have a bob or shoulder length hair cut. On opening the box, you see a gold can which is ready to use straight away. You simply change the head on the can to the pump and you are ready to roll  *That customary shake of the can is still needed though for the mousse to activate*

Application wise, well I found this a breeze to use. It was non-messy, non-drip and the clean up process around my ears and neck was minimal. You see with the pump below it’s quite small so this helps control the amount of product coming out. The mousse isn’t the moussiest formula I’ve ever used  and because of that I felt like I used a lot more of the product than perhaps needed. After finishing the application, I waited the required 30 minutes and rinsed out the hair colour. It’s grand to remove, the usual over the bath stance is needed and your back will be a little sore, or at least mine was. On went the supplied conditioner and I was ready to blow dry my hair 15 minutes later. IMG_6450

So results wise, I was delighted with the glossy colour and the coverage of my greys. A week later and my hair is still a beautiful colour and so far grey hairs have reappeared. You can see a photo of my gruaige here on Instagram. I’m still using the prescribed conditioner and it’s leaving my hair soft and manageable. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this non drip reusable mousse. While it has some flaws, it’s overall a very easy hair colouring system to use and I’ll probably be repurchasing it because of that.

Have you tried this hair colour? Are you a mousse or traditional mix the bottle hair colourer?


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