A new cleanser: Lancome Comforting Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin.


I’m always on the quest for the perfect face cleanser. I’ve tried all sorts of cleansers like Dermalogica, Clarins, Clinique, Cetaphil, Bare Minerals and Origins to name a few. Then I decided to move to a new brand ( I get bored quite easily).  I had heard a couple of people citing their good experiences with Lancome. I opted for  their comforting cleansing milk as it’s suitable for dry skin.

I really think I may have finally found my ‘holy grail’ cleanser. This cleansing milk is so beautiful to use. With the soothing fragrance of honey and sweet almond, this cleanser feels like a mini-facial every time I use it. The other ingredients milk protein, cereal and yeast hydrate the skin. The texture is creamy and light, making it super easy to massage and work into the face. It’s pretty good at removing all traces of makeup but with a heavier layer of makeup a double cleanse is needed. Lancome say that you can tissue or rinse off the product but I like to use a warm cloth for that added facial feel. On removal, it leaves absolutely no residue and skin is left soft, soothed and clean.


I have had absolutely no reactions, break outs or dryness since using this cleanser. I often don’t bother using a moisturiser at night because I feel this leaves a nice moisturised layer on the skin. The pump-action on the bottle is deadly too for the obvious reasons. The only down side is the price, €26 is a lot of money to fork out for one piece of skincare. It doesn’t have any amazing skincare improvements but I do feel it’s helped maintain a more soothed  and balanced skin tone.

Have you tried any Lancome skincare, any recommendations? Are you like me and change your cleansers often or are you loyal to one brand?


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