Weekend Escape to Enniscrone, Sligo.


On Saturday just gone I took the car on a trip to Enniscrone, a coastal town in Sligo. Travelling from Mayo on the bumpiest roads out there, I travelled through some beautiful landscape and scenery along the way. The trip consisted of going in and out of  Mayo/Sligo borders which added some confusion for me. A quick glance of google maps explains the jagged border between the two counties. I stopped off at Lough Talt, a stunning glacier lake that takes up around 194 acres in total. It’s probably one of the most peaceful lakes I’ve ever come across as it sits snugly into the surrounding mountains. A popular place for fishing, it’s also a place for avid walking fans as they travel along the Lough Talt Mounain Pass.IMG_6464 IMG_6462 IMG_6460

 From there, I drove on into Enniscrone (I’m not too sure whether to spell it Iniscrone or Enniscrone so I’ve stuck with the E spelling!). I was surprised on entering the village, it’s quite built up with lots of apartments and houses. I travelled on down to the beach, my main port of call. The beach really is breathtaking. It stretches across the coast for 5km (over 3 miles) until it reaches Killala Bay the other side. The beach was busy enough at the weekend due to the fabulous weather but it was still calm enough for a nice peaceful walk. The beach is unbelievably clean and decorated with mounds of seaweed. I’m guessing the seaweed comes in handy for the local Seaweed Baths. This is something I would have LOVED to have tried but I just didn’t have enough time on my hands.

IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478

Food wise, there are plenty of eateries. I stopped off at the impressive Ocean Sands hotel for a soup and sandwich combo. The hotel is particularly beautiful. I usually expect seaside hotels to be of a mediocre quality usually because they can get away with it. This place is an exception though, it’s light and airy, well staffed and has breathtaking views.

IMG_6486 IMG_6494

Overall, my visit was short and sweet but thoroughly peaceful and in some ways therapeutic. I’ll be back to visit but next time I’m going to make sure I stay a little longer. You can find out more about Enniscrone here and here.


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