ELF Tone Correcting Powder: Nothing Tone Correcting About It!

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13 thoughts on “ELF Tone Correcting Powder: Nothing Tone Correcting About It!

  1. I purchased this with high hopes as well. You are totally accurate! This powder really doesn’t do much for the skin. I wish I would of known that and saved my money.

  2. ELF can be a hit or miss. I have their blush and eyeshadow palettes and they are not that pigmented, but if you apply with your fingers, they’re not bad. As for correction primers, try a liquid one if you’re adventurous. I currently own The Revlon liquid correction primer in green and only a little bit suffices on my cheeks when I wake up really blotchy. The initial shock of your face turning green is quickly mulled by my furious rubbing it in and layering it under some sheer powder.

  3. Like Makeupmonster, I was thinking it might be a cheaper, less fancy powder with the same effect as the Meteorites, but thanks to your review, I know I’m better off with my curent investments – a friend living in London posted a package containing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette today, and I’ve got Guerlain keeping me glowing in the meantime.
    Frithe13th, have you tried the new primers from clinique? I suppose you’ve got some redness as you’ve used a green primer, but I’ve found that yellow does a better job and looks more natural, and Clinique’s got a sheer yellow one – it won’t cover it up completely but it’s a great base.and will tone it down noticably.

      • As I’ll be recieving a L’Or primer by Guerlain but as of yet haven’t I’ve been using Clinique’s universal, and it seems to be doing the job OK. I’m sure they’d make you some samples were you to ask at the counter.
        The Hourglass powders seem to be a bit of hit and miss for a lot of people, so you should try it in store. They were sold out of Dim when I was in London, but the SA applied it to my cheekbones and I was amazed at the effect. You get some of the same effects from Meteorites, though. I got a colleague hooked on the stuff :p I guess what I’m trying to say is, ask for samples of primers. have a trial in store of Hourglass and Guerlain and then decide if any might be worth your hard-earned plata, or at least a spot on your wishlist for Santa – Christmas is only two months off 😉

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