Weleda Iris Hydrating Day & Night Cream: A Medicore Review.

IMG_6743You know when you just want to be wowed by a product? You want it to be excellent and a game changer in terms of skincare? Then, you get the product and find it’s mediocre. It does the job but doesn’t go beyond that. You feel disappointment but also understand that skincare products are not always miracle-workers. Often change comes from the inside out. Anyway, this is the feeling I’ve gathered from Weleda’s Iris day and night cream.

They are both ‘nice’ creams. They smell herbally and have a nice thick consistency. Both leave the skin moisturised thanks to the ingredients of shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, cocoa, magnesium aluminum silicate and iris root extract. These have relieved some of the dryness I’ve been suffering with but that’s it. I’m just not in love with the feeling my skin has after using these. It feels slippy and uncomfortable. I don’t like using the day cream under make-up (even though it’s recommended). It leaves my skin shiny (and I’m not an oily skin type) after a couple of hours wear.IMG_6738

I guess I’m not used to heavier moisturising creams but I’m also not sure if this cream’s ingredients are suited to my dry sensitive skin. For example there seems to be too much alcohol (benzyl & cetearyl) and parfum in the products. I’ve also read that the iris can be an irritant to sensitive skin types. As my skin can suffer from redness and is reactive, I probably shouldn’t have opted for these two moisturisers.  I’m now beginning to wonder is the addition of more spots to my skin down to these moisturisers too.

Now, it’s not all bad! Weleda’s products are free of synthetic preservatives, colourents and parabens. And I can see this working for people who have really dry skin and don’t have sensitivity issues. The size of the tubes are great for travelling and price wise they aren’t the worst. At €14.95 for the day cream and €16.95 for the night cream, they are affordable enough.  They also have an iris facial lotion which is a lighter version of the day cream. It’s for normal combination skin types.

You can find Weleda in Nourish stores nationwide. Have you tried anything from Weleda? Have you ever been disappointed by products you think will work really well? Have you any dry sensitive skin moisturisers to recommend?


9 thoughts on “Weleda Iris Hydrating Day & Night Cream: A Medicore Review.

  1. I’ve been disappointed by all of Weleda’s products, except for SkinFood, but I made the mistake of putting it one my face once. Don’t do that, trust me. I guess Iris is one more to cross of the list.

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