Updated Shower Routine!

IMG_6793I’m not very loyal when it comes to products I use in the shower. I chop and change like you wouldn’t believe and I use two different sets of products, one for my home and one set for when I go swimming. In my home, I like to use my more luxurious or expensive products  mainly because I don’t want them to spill or leave them behind when swimming. I am a bit of a featherhead sometimes. Only last week I left my swimsuit and hat behind!

The Kiehls Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo is a total luxurious item. It’s not cheap at €18 and in my mind there are plenty of other high street brands that does as good a job as this one. But there are lots of advantages to using a Kiehls shampoo. All are sulfate, paraben and silicone free. The shampoo is loaded with sunflower oils, vitamins and UV filters to leave the hair more uplifted, manageable and brighter in terms of colour. I’ve found it’s hard to lather up but the results are well worth it. Hair is full of life, soft and looks all-round healthier! After swimming I use Argan Oil shampoo which is a really great budget shampoo. It cleans hair really well and leaves it soft and smooth. At €1.20 it’s a fraction of the Kiehls shampoo. IMG_6787

Conditioner wise, I’ve been alternating between Wella’s balsam conditioner (which may be discontinued, I’m not totally sure) and the Argan Oil conditioner to match the shampoo above. There is nothing too special about either of these, the Argan Oil one is better in terms of frizz control and softness. IMG_6791

In terms of body wash, I’m using a mix of Ponche by Lush and Pamolive’s Coconut Milk. Ponche is like having a huge Mexican party! Is smells like the best cocktail in the world. Ponche is full of orange, plum, cinnamon, bucha oil (like blackcurrant) and wait for it…. TEQUILA! It smells so citrussy and fruity. Perfect for early morning showers as it really wakes you up with the strong fragrance. After going swimming I like to use Palmolive’s Natural Pampering Touch Shower Milk in Coconut. This shower milk is the equivalent of a massive soothing hug. It’s smells so comforting and relaxing. I think it’s actually quite underrated in the beauty field. I find it leaves skin really soft and the fragrance lasts for around a day.

So that’s what I’ve been using lately. You can check out my last shower routine post here. Do you switch up your shower products often or are you loyal to one brand? Anything you fancy trying above?


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