Everyone is lusting after L’oreal Eau de Teint, are you too?

20131201_170414 This may seem like a repetitive post because I’m sure you all have heard of L’oreal’s new foundation and read some great reviews on it. I wanted to add my two cents worth because this really is one of the nicest foundations I’ve ever tried. It’s one I liked straight away from the first application.20131201_170436

The foundation is light, so light that in fact it feels untraceable on the skin. I’ve always been searching for a foundation like this and now I finally have it. It’s claims of leaving a ‘silky, second skin effect’ are true, sooo true. I actually can’t believe how light it feels on the skin. The finish is matte and velvety, the coverage natural. On me, it does cover redness quite well making it a perfect morning foundation to use after cleansing and moisturising the face. I’ve found this to be so good that I don’t use a primer to fill in pores or even out skin tone. That’s thanks to Eau de Teint being silicone based. I was a bit worried it might break me out because of the polymers but after 3 weeks of using, I can safely say it doesn’t.IMG_6829

The texture is very liquid and when applied it can feel a little slick (oils in product) but once blended it’s perfect. Using fingers is the best way to apply the product and all that’s needed to cover the face is 2 drops on your finger, 1 drop on a good skin day. So for only 20ml of product you really use very little making the €14.99 price tag affordable.

The only negatives I have in relation to the product is the lid on the frosted bottle, no pump means it’s not always easy to use. Secondly, for really dry skin the foundation can be a tad patchy. My skin has been quite dry of late and in areas around my nose, I can see some of the dryness accentuated by Eau de Teint. The Eau de Teint only comes in 6 shades which may mean it won’t suit everyone. However, I’m quite pale and the shade 100 Porcelain is the perfect match for my skin.20131201_170514

Overall, it is my to go to foundation of late and probably will be until I finish the bottle. I can forgive the foundation in terms of dryness because of it’s positives in all other departments like formula, application and coverage. I also really hope that other brands take note from this featherlight foundation approach and realise that we all don’t need a cake layer on our face to create a flawless finish. Did I also mention it has and SPF 18?

Have you tried Eau de Teint? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!!


13 thoughts on “Everyone is lusting after L’oreal Eau de Teint, are you too?

  1. There’s no pump because according to the diagram, you’re supposed to “apply a drop to your finger after shaking” hahaha. Like we all enjoy shaking bottles with the caps off and just our finger over the top.

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