Easy Simple Eyebrows with Clinique’s Superfine Pencil for Brows.

IMG_6913Eyebrows are an area of my routine that I like to keep simple and quick. I don’t fuss over them in terms of keeping them groomed, I get them down once in a while. Assisting me in the process of natural quick eyebrows is Clinique’s SuperFine eyebrow pencil. It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is. There is nothing super-amazing about this product, it just does a really good job of filling in eyebrows very naturally.  It never crumbles or breaks, it’s soft and smooth.IMG_6908

IMG_6915The fine tip on the product allows for precise application. The colour is very natural and buildable. You can apply very lightly to fill in gaps in the brows or use to define and draw out the shape of the eyebrow. As it self-sharpens you save on trying to get a nice sharp tip and the slim long pencil allows it to feel more controlled too. The shade range is pretty good, deep brown being a perfect match for my brows.  I’ve yet to try any other pencil to beat this and believe me at €17/0.8g (Debenhams) I would much prefer a cheaper option. However, I’m gonna keep repurchasing this until I do!IMG_6912

Have you a go-to eyebrow product? Have you tried this eyebrow pencil? Are you big into eyebrow grooming or prefer the more natural, less-fuss option like me?


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