Christmas Crafts: Making your own Christmas Cards.

IMG_6931I decided to do my Christmas cards a little different this year and make them myself. I don’t really give a lot of people cards, only close family and friends so it was nice to put some time aside and personally make them one. I’ve never made cards before, so for my first attempts I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, bar my first one or two. IMG_6920

IMG_6934IMG_6923Making your own Christmas card really adds a nice personal touch to gift-giving, but it also shows you put some effort in. The commercial card business is something I don’t like, I’m all for charity cards or those really cute cards that school kids make and then sell.  The nice thing about making cards is you can design what you like and what your card recipient likes too. For making my cards, the Art & Hobby store was my BEST FRIEND as well as two euro shops.IMG_6936

It’s actually pretty simple to make the cards. Before sticking anything on the card material, I usually assemble the decoupage items on the card and see what I like. You can pick up decoupage sets for under €5 (usually two sheets) and labels etc. already made. It helps to have all the materials lined up in front of you on a big table so you can see them and try out different things. You need lots of space especially if you have a lot of decoupage sheets, sticker and labels. Like I said before, the designs are completely up to you and as you can see mine varied a lot from ordinary 2D cards to 3D. I also like to place a little label on the inside of the card too.IMG_6925IMG_6926

So what do you think? Do you make cards or prefer the easier method of just buying them? Or do you even buy cards anymore?


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