TooManyMuffins has moved to a new home: !!!

http://toomanymuffins.comblog moveIt’s been a while in the making but I’ve decided to move the blog to it’s own domain. So this will be my last post here on I’m moving to a new web site called and if you click on the picture above it will take you straight to my new blog. I hope you all will follow me over there and for all those I follow on, I will continue to do so! I’ve also installed a new Disqus comment system on the new web thang so it will be easier for you all to comment. As the new blog is still a work in progress, please bear with me as I adjust different settings on the new site. And if you do notice anything strange, let me know!

So thanks again to all my followers and friends here online and I hope to see you all on my new site. I’ll be posting there from this evening. I’ll be running a competition mid January to celebrate so stay tuned!!


Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa- The Big Reveal!


Taking part in the Irish beauty bloggers secret santa was so much fun! The girl behind all the organising was Aisling of Total Makeup Addict who put in a lot of effort organising and pairing up all the irish beauty bloggers. I got the best gift ever from the lovely Chloe of Very Lovely Stuff who really spoiled me with some amazing products. I even tested out a few of them last night at a party! Continue reading

How to tackle those late party nights: La Roche Posay Hydraphase Masque


We all know that over Christmas there will be a lot of late night celebrations. There will undoubtably be a  lack of water consumed and probably a lot of wine instead, so the question is how to keep our skin looking super healthy, hydrated and moisturised over Christmas? Well, here is the answer, La Roche-Posay’s Hydraphase Intense Masque.  Continue reading

Easy Simple Eyebrows with Clinique’s Superfine Pencil for Brows.

IMG_6913Eyebrows are an area of my routine that I like to keep simple and quick. I don’t fuss over them in terms of keeping them groomed, I get them down once in a while. Assisting me in the process of natural quick eyebrows is Clinique’s SuperFine eyebrow pencil. It’s pretty much exactly what it says it is. There is nothing super-amazing about this product, it just does a really good job of filling in eyebrows very naturally.  It never crumbles or breaks, it’s soft and smooth. Continue reading

Everyone is lusting after L’oreal Eau de Teint, are you too?

20131201_170414 This may seem like a repetitive post because I’m sure you all have heard of L’oreal’s new foundation and read some great reviews on it. I wanted to add my two cents worth because this really is one of the nicest foundations I’ve ever tried. It’s one I liked straight away from the first application. Continue reading

Black Friday: Best deals online and in store!!

It’s Black Friday worldwide and you all know that mean’s getting all your Christmas shopping done at a reduced cost. It also means self-gifting and I’ve picked out a few of the best deals that are to be had online. I’ve included some of my favourites like Cloud 10, ELF and Blank Canvas Cosmetics who are doing a whopping 30% off. To view the deals just click on the picture below and it will bring you straight to the website! Happy Shopping x

1459328_10151752964631689_1928640213_nBaGk7dkCEAEsply.jpg-large Continue reading

B. Cheeky Blush in Golden Peach – A bronzed glow for Winter!

IMG_6838B.Cheeky Blush is something I picked up ages ago in Superdrug. I am a big fan of B. products having tried a few of their product and I wanted to try their blush because it looks exactly like the shade I needed to perk up my skin. The shade I picked up was Golden Peach which is a bit of bizarre buy seeing as it’s winter! But it’s actually a welcome addition to the makeup stash because it’s adds a bit of colour and warmth to my cheeks. Depending on your own personal taste, it’s easy to build up the colour. In the photo below you can see I’ve layered it up a bit. During the day, I keep it much lighter and it really makes a nice subtle healthy shade. Continue reading

Updated Shower Routine!

IMG_6793I’m not very loyal when it comes to products I use in the shower. I chop and change like you wouldn’t believe and I use two different sets of products, one for my home and one set for when I go swimming. In my home, I like to use my more luxurious or expensive products  mainly because I don’t want them to spill or leave them behind when swimming. I am a bit of a featherhead sometimes. Only last week I left my swimsuit and hat behind!
Continue reading

The Daily Face #4


It’s been a long time since I did a face of the day post. I really like reading these posts on other people’s blogs so I thought I’d get back into the swing of things. Who doesn’t love an aul vain selfie photo anyway?! *nervous laugh*  The products I used were so simple to use and the look took less than five minutes. The L’oreal Eau De Teint foundation (shade porcelain) is an ABSOLUTE dream to use. I swear to god it’s fabulous and even though my skin is a tad dryer at the minute, it still applies pretty well. Another product that’s pimpsy to use is Bourjois’ cream blusher in 002. It’s a subtle peach shade that can be used lightly or built up to create a deeper blush. On the eyes, is Clinique’s eyeshadow quad and a brown superfine eyebrow pencil. Strawberry fudge and teddy bear are two of my all time favourite eyeshadows. They compliment each other so well. Andrea from Your Beauty is a huge fan of Clinique’s eyeshadows! Continue reading

Weleda Iris Hydrating Day & Night Cream: A Medicore Review.

IMG_6743You know when you just want to be wowed by a product? You want it to be excellent and a game changer in terms of skincare? Then, you get the product and find it’s mediocre. It does the job but doesn’t go beyond that. You feel disappointment but also understand that skincare products are not always miracle-workers. Often change comes from the inside out. Anyway, this is the feeling I’ve gathered from Weleda’s Iris day and night cream. Continue reading