Music for the Weekend #13

Christmas is fast approaching for all of us. I’m sure you will all be busy with Christmas shopping and putting up trees and all sorts this weekend. If you have time have a listen to this week’s playlist!

Lisa O’Neill is a fellow Cavan woman who I’m really a huge fan of. I’ve started off with her because she is someone you all should hear and ‘learn’ to love. It’s someone who hasn’t forgotten her roots and who instead embraces it. I’m a huge fan of Jim James and his track ‘State of the Art’ is a huge grower. Featured also are Empress Of, Andrew Belle and Josef Salvat. Sway Clarke II brings us ‘Don’t Need Much’ a dreamy/R&B track that has some pretty straight lyrics and a direct message. He doesn’t need much bar cigarettes and alcohol. I’ve also included Grizzly Bear’s track ‘Listen and Wait’ which really is a delicious track featuring lovely musical layers and Rossen’s great sounding voice. I don’t really need to introduce The National, they really deliver great clear-cut songs and ‘Lean’ is no different. It features on The Hunger Games soundtrack.

The man behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic is 17 years of age and to be honest I’m really in awe of his ambient music. It is the essence of pure and utter relaxation for me, ‘Collapse’ is a tune I love swaying and dancing lazily to. And if you aren’t relaxed enough finishing up this weekend playlist is Abbey Bowden and her haunting track ‘Still’.


Music for the Weekend #10

Here are 40 minutes or so of music lined up for your weekend. Hope you all like the mix and believe me it’s a mix of all sorts.  Have a great weekend everyone. Huge thanks to anyone who nominated me in the Blog Awards Ireland. Don’t know what to say in relation to that other than I love blogging as an escape and I hope you all enjoy the posts. Cheers.



Music for the Weekend #9

It looks like it’s gonna be a wet weekend here in Dublin. I’ve spent the day listening to music and I’ve come up with a nice mix of old and new. Highlights include Birdy (of Skinny Love fame), Elvis Costello paired up The Roots, Valerie June and Derrick Hodge. I’d recommend delving further into Valerie June and if you are a fan of Bon Iveresque tunes listen to some Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Happy Weekend everyone, I’m off to see my home team Cavan play in Croke Park (Gaelic football for those of you that don’t know!) for the first time in a verrrrryyyy long time! Let’s hope we win!

Music for the Weekend #8

Looks like it’s set to be another sunny weekend here in Ireland. Hope you all have the beers, barbecues and the sunscreen at the ready. This weekends music playlist is super chill with tunes from the amazing Alice Boman, Smoke and Jackel, Volcano Choir and London Grammer who are currently making waves on the charts. Have a listen and have a great weekend everyone!

Music for the Weekend #7.

Apologies for my lack of posting all but a very sore neck mean’t I had to get away from the computer for a couple of days. However, I’ve been listening to lots of great music and this week’s playlist contains a nice mix of pop, alternative and contemporary classics. It features a cracking tune from Balmorhea. If you haven’t seen Rectify then I suggest you do because it features this band in the opening theme tune. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. Half Moon Run, Hayden Calnin and Pharrell Williams are in there too amongst many more. Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Music for the Weekend #6

Happy Weekend to you all!! Here is another installment of the tunes I’ll be listening to this weekend

The Pictish Trails hail from Scotland. When I first heard the intro to the song, Michael Rocket all I kept thinking was ‘this reminds me of some 80’s song…’ And then it hit me. Wang Chung with Dance Hall Days. The similarities end there though. Jessica Pratt has been around for a while now. When my boyfriend plays her music, I always end up asking who’s that again? Well I shouldn’t need to ask who she is because her voice and music are really hypnotic and calm. There is a feeling of a different time to her music. I’ve included a fantastic demo from Mikky Ekko called disappear. If this is a sample of things to come from the producer/singer-songrwiter then I’m hooked. I’m a little overwhelmed by Seamus Fogarty. Did you ever just wish you had discovered music earlier in your life so that you had it there as support and as a means of transport to another place. That’s how I feel about his music. Having listened to Rita Jack’s Lament, I felt this huge longing for some reason throughout the song. Maybe it’s the old woman’s voice reminding me of my grandmother. I don’t know. His experimentation with sound and noise is perfection. So I’ve included his song The Evening Lay Down Upon Us. Prepare to be transported. Continue reading

Music for the Weekend #5

Bell X1 are back with bang. I’d become a bit disillusioned with the band, a little tired of them but on hearing new tracks from their forthcoming album Chop Chop I am become enthralled again. Paul Noonan’s vocals really stand out,  it sounds more mature and striking. Featured below are Careful What You Wish For and Starlings over Brighton Pier. I’m loving a lot of folksy stuff at the minute and I stumbled across Connor Linnie who hails from Bray, Wicklow. He’s definitely one worth catching at the upcoming Knockanstockan in July.  Next up is Fabian Holland, a Londoner with the most incredible guitar skills. I’m still a little torn on his voice (i’m a fussy fecker) but his lyrics tell a lovely story (see The Landlord’s Daughter). Down the very bottom there are his AMAZING skills on his track Last of the Mohicans.

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Music for the Weekend #4

Another weekend, another playlist. This week it’s a real mix of everything.  I’ve included Daft Punk’s new song Get Lucky. I’m not really a fan of theirs par se but it’s catchy and appeals to the senses. To Kill a King is a british folk band (they remind me of Mumford and Sons) and here is their tune Funeral done with a shit load of guitars and voices. It’s very heartwarming. Justin Vernon is back with a new band called The Shouting Matches and I have to say it’s refreshing to hear. Gone are the emotive synths or any effects and in place are three men just doing what they love. They video below is part 1 of three where they played at Coachella recently. Patrick Kelleher recorded a version of Niamh Kavanagh’s eurovision winner ‘In Your Eyes’ for Record Store Gay recently and it’s so impressive. Finally, I had to include The National’s new tune, Demons because well I’m just glad to see them back with Matt’s delicious baritone voice lending to the great music. Have a great weekend everyone.

Music for the (Long) Weekend #1

Here’s a little flavour of some of the songs and bands I’m gonna be listening to over this long weekend. I’m not a huge Lana Del Ray fan, but there is no denying the quality and clearness of her voice in her cover of Lenard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No. 2. I really prefer her in the low notes, it’s there you hear the raw emotion in her voice. John Grant’s song below Glacier is really a truly heartbreaking and honest song. It’s taken from his 2nd solo album Pale Green Ghosts. It’s one to listen to as he reflects on very real issues such as homophobia and addiction. Some people may find a restlessness in his music, others a comfort. I’m sticking to the latter. I’ve included a tune from the band Fragments of Winter. If you’re a fan of M83, then these guys should please. Finally, just to lift things up a little, I’ve included a track from Vance Joy. I was gonna post Riptide, but god it’s far too much like Bon Iver. His music takes on realms of folk music with a little twist of pop. Isn’t that what makes them catchy eh?

Happy Easter folks, see you on the other side. 

Music for the Weekend #3

PicMonkey CollageIt looks like it’s gonna be a rainy miserable weekend out there. I guess that will deter a lot of us (including myself) from heading out, so if you are stuck in the house..spend some time listening to some of these great tracks. First up is Fryars and his chillingly beautiful track On My Own. It really is the video though that stands out and it encapsulates the lyrics perfectly. Next is Daughter doing a mash-up of Bon Iver’s ‘Perth’ and Hot Chips ‘Ready for the Floor’. It is so beautiful and inventive, it’s like a totally new song has been created. I love how Perth transitions seamlessly into Ready for the Floor. That’s all thanks to Elena’s flowing voice. Finally, Nialler9 amongst other blogs recently wrote about Slow Skies, the musician-producer duo from Dublin. They sit somewhere between folk and pop and the result is something very gentle and tender, thanks to Karen Sheirdan’s stunning voice.