Christmas Crafts: Making your own Christmas Cards.

IMG_6931I decided to do my Christmas cards a little different this year and make them myself. I don’t really give a lot of people cards, only close family and friends so it was nice to put some time aside and personally make them one. I’ve never made cards before, so for my first attempts I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, bar my first one or two.  Continue reading


Beas Jewels: The Most Perfect Handmade Jewellery.


I’m not the biggest jewellery wearer in the world. I tend to go weeks without wearing anything and then I’ll suddenly remember to wear something like a necklace or earrings. In terms of my favourite types of jewellery, I think that simple is better. I really like understated modern pieces. I do like the odd chunky statement piece, Penneys and Zara being two I haunt for said pieces.  Continue reading