TooManyMuffins has moved to a new home: !!!

http://toomanymuffins.comblog moveIt’s been a while in the making but I’ve decided to move the blog to it’s own domain. So this will be my last post here on I’m moving to a new web site called and if you click on the picture above it will take you straight to my new blog. I hope you all will follow me over there and for all those I follow on, I will continue to do so! I’ve also installed a new Disqus comment system on the new web thang so it will be easier for you all to comment. As the new blog is still a work in progress, please bear with me as I adjust different settings on the new site. And if you do notice anything strange, let me know!

So thanks again to all my followers and friends here online and I hope to see you all on my new site. I’ll be posting there from this evening. I’ll be running a competition mid January to celebrate so stay tuned!!


Join me on Pinterest!!

It’s seems like everyone and their granny is on Pinterest at the minute. I joined in on the fun and have been pinning all the stuff I love including Fashion, Beauty, Home, Films, Fancy Men, accessories and much more.  All images above can be found on my boards!

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