Music for the Weekend #13

Christmas is fast approaching for all of us. I’m sure you will all be busy with Christmas shopping and putting up trees and all sorts this weekend. If you have time have a listen to this week’s playlist!

Lisa O’Neill is a fellow Cavan woman who I’m really a huge fan of. I’ve started off with her because she is someone you all should hear and ‘learn’ to love. It’s someone who hasn’t forgotten her roots and who instead embraces it. I’m a huge fan of Jim James and his track ‘State of the Art’ is a huge grower. Featured also are Empress Of, Andrew Belle and Josef Salvat. Sway Clarke II brings us ‘Don’t Need Much’ a dreamy/R&B track that has some pretty straight lyrics and a direct message. He doesn’t need much bar cigarettes and alcohol. I’ve also included Grizzly Bear’s track ‘Listen and Wait’ which really is a delicious track featuring lovely musical layers and Rossen’s great sounding voice. I don’t really need to introduce The National, they really deliver great clear-cut songs and ‘Lean’ is no different. It features on The Hunger Games soundtrack.

The man behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic is 17 years of age and to be honest I’m really in awe of his ambient music. It is the essence of pure and utter relaxation for me, ‘Collapse’ is a tune I love swaying and dancing lazily to. And if you aren’t relaxed enough finishing up this weekend playlist is Abbey Bowden and her haunting track ‘Still’.


Music for the Weekend #5

Bell X1 are back with bang. I’d become a bit disillusioned with the band, a little tired of them but on hearing new tracks from their forthcoming album Chop Chop I am become enthralled again. Paul Noonan’s vocals really stand out,  it sounds more mature and striking. Featured below are Careful What You Wish For and Starlings over Brighton Pier. I’m loving a lot of folksy stuff at the minute and I stumbled across Connor Linnie who hails from Bray, Wicklow. He’s definitely one worth catching at the upcoming Knockanstockan in July.  Next up is Fabian Holland, a Londoner with the most incredible guitar skills. I’m still a little torn on his voice (i’m a fussy fecker) but his lyrics tell a lovely story (see The Landlord’s Daughter). Down the very bottom there are his AMAZING skills on his track Last of the Mohicans.

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